Issue and Electoral Phone Programs

Democracy Partners provides state of the art, cost-effective phone programs to issue and electoral campaigns. Our services include:

  • TeleForum
  • Mobilize Predictive Dialer 
  • Automated (Outbound, Patch-Through, Ringless Voicemail Drops, Polls, Inbound, IVR and Cloud Routing)

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Virtual telephone town hall events are a great way for organizations, elected officials, candidates, and winning advocacy campaigns to engage and mobilize members, supporters, and voters.  

Democracy Partners makes these easy with TeleForum. This powerful communication tool allows you to talk one-on-one with the people who matter most whether you want to speak to an audience of 200 or 2 million.  

For smaller audiences, MicroForum is the way to go. It runs on the same platform and has many of the same great features.

Core features:

  • Q&A: Screen questions from your audience and allow participants to ask questions during a live event. All questions are captured in reporting.
  • Polling: Keep your audience interested and engaged by asking them questions. Poll questions can be pre-arranged or created on the fly. All poll responses are captured in reporting.
  • Reporting: Get at-a-glance results and per-participant details that include poll responses and questions as well as a recorded audio file of your event to share with those who cannot attend.
  • Audio Streaming: Allow your audience to listen to and participate in a live audio stream of your event online.    
  • Custom Caller ID:  Differentiate your event from the moment the phone rings.
  • Post Call Voice Mails: Capture audience comments and feedback at the end of an event.

Optional features: (at additional cost)

  • Custom Music Hold: Customize what your audience hears prior to the start of the event.     
  • Transcription:  Transcribe your entire event including post call voice mails.  
  • VideoForum: Enable your participants to watch a live video stream of your event online.    
  • BUZZERandBELL: Turn your event into a virtual focus group. 

Mobilize Predictive Dialer  

Predictive Dialers allow anyone (volunteers, staff, partners), anywhere to leverage the same technologies that professional paid call centers use, but at a fraction of the cost.

Democracy Partners developed Mobilize, a virtual predictive dialer (VPD) for political campaigns, unions, and issue organizations.  

All predictive dialers have the ability to screen out busy, no answer and answering machines, but only Mobilize allows you to correctly manage households with multiple members the first time you call.  

Available anywhere there is Internet, Mobilize connects you and your staff or volunteers to voters or organizational members.  There is no hardware to purchase or software to download.

Core features:  

  • Admin Portal: Create and manage all aspects of outbound VPD calling campaigns with a straightforward user interface.
  • Agent Portal: Handle calls and collect and view basic information about called parties.
  • Real-Time Reporting/Schedule of Reports: View activity in the moment or schedule to run automatically at a time interval of your choosing.  
  • Agent Monitoring: Coach agents for training purposes or quality control.
  • Script Branching: Only ask the questions that are relevant with a dynamic tool that makes use of responses or basic information about the called party.
  • Web Services: A range of integration and data offerings, plus manage web services via an administration interface.  

Optional features: (at additional cost):

  • Call Recording: Create an audio file of the call for quality control or training purposes.
  • Call Transfer: Connect called parties to elected officials to generate grassroots pressure via warm or cold options.  

Automated (Outbound, Patch-Through, Ringless Voicemail Drops, Polls, Inbound, IVR and Cloud Routing) 

Democracy Partners uses automated call technology in creative ways to do much more than just deliver a message.  

We can generate patch-through calls from constituents to elected officials, conduct outbound automated polls, and manage inbound calls.  

Core features:  

  • Script Drafting/Editing: Get experienced help in drafting or editing a script, especially if response rate matters.
  • Data Management: Don’t waste valuable time trying to format your phone list. Send it as is and we can standardize the phone field and pull out what is needed to run your call program.
  • In-house Voice Talent: Delivery matters. Let our in-house voice talent record your message.   
  • Audio Player Recording Hotline: Available 24/7. Use our toll free line to record a message with your voice talent.
  • Audio Message Editing: Quality audio. All audio is approved by you before it is used in a calling project.  
  • Daily Reporting: Review aggregate and daily reports to access how calls are going. Final reports include detailed number by number calling results.    

Optional features: (at additional cost):

  • Data Acquisition: Need a phone list? We work with many data vendors to get you the list you need.  
  • Cell Phone Scrub: Avoid hefty fines if you don’t have the ability to identify and remove cell phones from your phone list.  
  • Caller ID: Don’t have the capacity or want to handle the rebound that results from outbound automated calls? Use a temporary caller-ID that can collect Do Not Call requests, transfer callers and much more.

Automated options:

  • Outbound Automated Calls: Straight outbound when you just want to deliver a message.x
  • Outbound Automated Patch-Through Calls: Outbound with a press zero option to generate constituent calls to elected officials.x 
  • Ringless Voicemail Drops: Deliver messages directly to recipients’ voicemail boxes without ever calling. Fully compliant. 
  • Outbound Automated Polls: Take the pulse of the electorate or survey your membership.x
  • Call Congress Tool: Route inbound calls to Senate or House members based on a 5-digit zip code.
  • State Legislature Tool: Route inbound calls to state legislators based on a 5-digit zip code. 
  • Inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Create a customizable IVR that will handle inbound calls to do everything from collect responses to transfer out. 
  • Cloud Routing: Distribute inbound calls to multiple destinations using a variety of strategies (percentage based, round robin and sequential) that can be monitored and modified in real time. Calls can be recorded and sent to voicemail.    

    xIn states that prohibit automated calls, or in cases where there is limited phone data, we can arrange for live calls.

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Democracy Partners includes leading experts in:

  • Political Messaging
  • Earned Media
  • Electoral Campaign Planning, General Consulting and Campaign Management
  • Planning and Executing Advocacy Campaigns
  • High Intensity Field Programs
  • Television, Radio and Digital Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Web Site Development
  • Fundraising
  • Donor Advising and High Impact Philanthropy
  • Social Media Organizing
  • Advance, Planning and Executing Events
  • Media Training
  • Organizer Training
  • Issue and Electoral Phone Programs
  • Executive Search Services and Recruitment
  • Opposition Research
  • Coalition Building

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