Online Organizing

The internet is in a continuous state of change. Your target audience is a new breed that consumes information across multiple platforms. Are you ready to keep up with the new digital consumer? Are you aware what devices and methods they're using to find you? Are you ready to engage your targets across the internet? We are.

Building a strong online organization requires virtual “boots on the ground”. Modeled after traditional field programs, our online organizers engage and activate the online community. By maintaining, engaging and activating separate social networks, blogs and pages, we will generate traffic to the core site, create a community atmosphere, and provide the delivery mechanism for visitors to take action.


Democracy Partners includes leading experts in:

  • Political Messaging
  • Campaign Planning, General Consulting and Campaign Management
  • High Intensity Field Programs
  • Television and Radio Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Web Site Development

“We have offices throughout the US and decades of experience working with every ethnic group in suburbs, urban centers, small towns and rural areas in every corner of America.”

Our partners at Digital Turf push the envelope (get it) with years of experience designing various successful print media campaigns for a wide array of clients. Using a combination of bravado and sheer talent, our team is highly specialized in creating stuff like mailers, brochures, business cards and flyers. Check out our work and learn more about our particular brand of awesomeness.