TV & Radio Advertising

The team at Democracy Partners has years of experience producing symbolically powerful television and radio advertisements -- and web videos – for both electoral and issue campaigns. 

Democracy Partners can:

  • Design your campaign message strategy;
  • Provide opposition and issue research to develop messaging options;
  • Work with your pollsters to test alternative message narratives, frames and symbols;
  • Write and produce spots that resonate with target voters;
  • Purchase effective, efficient advertising time on the appropriate mix of cable and broadcast media;
  • Design and execute earned media campaigns that center on paid media buys;
  • Manage on-line web video campaigns designed to go viral.


Democracy Partners includes leading experts in:

  • Political Messaging
  • Earned Media
  • Electoral Campaign Planning, General Consulting and Campaign Management
  • Planning and Executing Advocacy Campaigns
  • High Intensity Field Programs
  • Television, Radio and Digital Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Web Site Development
  • Fundraising
  • Donor Advising and High Impact Philanthropy
  • Social Media Organizing
  • Advance, Planning and Executing Events
  • Media Training
  • Organizer Training
  • Issue and Electoral Phone Programs
  • Executive Search Services and Recruitment
  • Opposition Research
  • Coalition Building

“We have offices throughout the US and decades of experience working with every ethnic group in suburbs, urban centers, small towns and rural areas in every corner of America.”

Our partners at Digital Turf push the envelope (get it) with years of experience designing various successful print media campaigns for a wide array of clients. Using a combination of bravado and sheer talent, our team is highly specialized in creating stuff like mailers, brochures, business cards and flyers. Check out our work and learn more about our particular brand of awesomeness.