Wyatt Closs 

Wyatt Closs has over 20 years of creative advocacy and organizing for social justice.  In the past four years, he has focused exclusively on the intersection of pop culture, politics, digital strategies and social justice with his small shop called Big Bowl of Ideas. Client and project work includes Center for Effective Government, Policy Link, Story for All, Roosevelt Institute, SEIU, Enterprise Community Partners, Grand Performances, AFL-CIO, Raise the Wage Campaign and the 'Stop Telling Women to Smile' art awareness project about the street harassment women face everyday, among others. A former Visual Fellow for Upworthy, he also has a blog on Huffington Post and writes for Ebony.

He's worn several hats at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). He served as Government Affairs Director, and drove work in politics, strategic planning, social justice, communications and coalition building in other roles there. As a consultant, he focuses on communications, event production, transmedia moments, spectacles, and branding ideas, bringing creativity to each step of the journey. 

Prior to joining SEIU, Wyatt worked on Capitol Hill and for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee becoming, in his words, a “hardcore political and communications hack” managing over 20 political campaigns across the country. And being involved in seven recounts.

But it’s the application of that political experience to how pop culture, entertainment and design can amplify progressive messages that wakes him up these days.

A North Carolina native, he now spends whatever other time is left writing screenplays, tricking out his bike, searching for the perfect beat, blogging and watching every movie under the sun with his wife, Roshin.

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