Joel Silberman

Joel Silberman is a writer, content producer, and communications consultant who lives at the intersection of entertainment and politics, working in both worlds while acting as a hub connecting people between the two. The throughline of his work is helping people craft stories that effectively communicate social and political arguments through humor and heart.

In 2022, Joel managed American Family Voices’ “Blue In 22” campaign and produced 24 ads and/or videos for the midterm cycle, most of which he wrote or co-wrote.  He has also worked professionally as a screenwriter and as a consultant on politically-minded TV series like Jordan Peele’s “Hunters”. In the 2017-2018 cycle, he co-led a series of projects connecting screenwriters and acting coaches with progressive candidates and advocacy groups to help improve their storytelling, coaching many of the candidates himself. Before that, he was best known for his two-year stint as a political humorist for the LA Times.

Joel is not biologically related to the elder Joel Silberman, a Democracy Partner who passed in 2019 who also specialized in melding entertainment and politics, but “Joel Sr.” was a friend and mentor who brought “Joel Jr.” into the Democracy Partners fold. They first met in person a few weeks after Donald Trump’s election and knew they were destined to be friends when they landed on a motto together: “If we have to live in a reality show, our side has most of the gays and Jews – so let’s put on a better show.”

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