Deepak Puri

Deepak is an engineer and Silicon Valley executive. He holds three software patents and has been part of the early teams at Oracle, Netscape and VMware. Deepak has over fifteen years' experience in software development, sales and distribution. 

Deepak co-founded Democracy Labs, a San Francisco based non-profit expedite the flow of innovation to progressive causes and campaigns. DemLabs works with groups natiowide to understand their needs and finds existing affordable solutions to meet those needs. Deepak believes that with time, money and talent being scarce, progressives should quickly adopt the best business solutions available to keep pace with innovtaion. DemLabs has worked with groups including Voter Participation Center, NAACP and the Jon Tester for Montana campaign. Deepak regularly volunteers with different non-profits to see how technology could help them make a bigger impact. He lives in San Francisco and can be reached at [email protected]

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