Cheri Whiteman

For the last two decades, Cheri Whiteman has worked as a political organizer in dozens of electoral and issue campaigns in twelve states.

She began her professional career as a reporter/producer for Florida Public Television covering politics in the state capital. After a few years as a professional yacht captain, she returned to politics not as an observer but as an advocate, in environmental and electoral campaigns with Clean Water Action in the 1990’s, becoming a Canvass Director and Northeast Recruitment Director.

After working in Field on several campaigns, managing a winning State Senate race in Colorado and organizing for health care access in Massachusetts, Whiteman joined Strategic Consulting Group in 2003 where she continued in Field and became Director of Recruitment. In that capacity, she has been responsible for recruiting and vetting hundreds of political organizers and directors for electoral and issue campaigns. She also produces radio commercials and mail programs, and enjoys deploying to assist Field operations around the country. “The fun is in the fight!”

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