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This training is for those interested in staff and leadership positions in local, state and federal campaigns. A virtual 13-session overview of the essential elements of winning progressive electoral political campaigns and building progressive power. Curriculum includes; messaging, fundraising, field, mobilizing voters of color, GOTV, and getting a campaign job.

Join our hosts Robert Creamer, Marvin Randolph, and Tram Nguyen along with a team of Democracy Partners principals including Mac D’Alessandro, Heather Booth, Abdelnasser Rashid, Josh Hoyt, Gebe Martinez, Renee Schaeffer, Marilyn Katz, Linda Saucedo, Yadira Sanchez, Cirilo Manego, Rafael Rivero, Joel Rubin, John Neffinger and Brett Di Resta.

Virtual Training Weekly
Tuesday, February 1, 2022 to
Tuesday, April 19, 2022.
From 1:00 p.m. -- 3:00 p.m. Eastern.

$250 for individuals.
$450 for Organizations allowing 2to 4 participants.
$600 for Organizations with 6participants.
Scholarships/partial scholarshipsavailable.
Applications due by January 22,2022 at 5pm EST.


Application Forms:


Individuals applying for the training here: WP3 Electoral Campaign Training-Participant Application

Organizations/Campaigns applying for the training here: WP3 Electoral Campaign Training-Organization Application

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[email protected]



Watch our Webinar: Creating the Path Forward for a Vibrant Labor Future – Perspectives from the Front Lines


Trainings Overview: 

In the Democracy Partners Leadership & Organizing Training Curriculum, our partners and other progressive leaders present on various topics within the movement. 

Each training brings a new perspective to an important component of organizing. If you'd like to learn more about Democracy Partners' training services email Nick Guthman at [email protected]


Social Media Training 

The Social Media Training presented by Democracy Partners and Black with No Chaser focused on strengthening social media skills and strategies. The training was led by Partner Cirilo Manego and CJ Lawrence, acclaimed principals at Black with No Chaser. The key elements of the training were building and understanding your community; creating useful, shareable, timely and evergreen content; and the cross pollination of content. 



Public Speaking Training 

The Public Speaking Training focused on the core principles and common misconceptions of effective public speaking. The training was presented by Democracy Partner John Neffinger.


The Art of Writing and Placing Op Eds 

The Art of Writing and Placing Op Eds training focused on the challenges that come with op-eds, commentaries, and “guest essays.” The training was moderated by Democracy Partner, Gebe Martinez, with special guests Margot Friedman, principal of Dupont Circle Communications; and Jill Lawrence, Commentary Editor for USA Today.



Justice is a Marathon 

Justice is a Marathon: An Intergenerational Workshop on Staying Healthy for a Life in the Movement, presented by Democracy Partners was an intergenerational workshop of tips, techniques, and best practices to be effective and happy while pursuing “good trouble” as your life’s work. The training was led by Democracy Partners leaders and longtime organizers Heather Booth and Josh Hoyt, with close to 100 years of experience between them, and exciting mid-career justice leaders Tania Unzueta and Abdelnasser Rashid.



Art Sparks Change: The Power of Creative and Cultural Organizing 

Have you wanted to engage art in your organization’s work or on a key campaign?

Considered working with a visual artist or poet or musician to amplify the voices of your members or cause or to inspire them? But just not sure how to go about it or know if it has an impact?

This overview discussion will help put you on a path to answering these questions. With some key definitions explained plus small deep dives into cultural strategy case studies, viewers will be able to explore this ever-increasing strategy of how art can lead for social justice. Artists, cultural organizers, and progressive non-profit cultural strategists will be on hand with insights.

Democracy Partners is proud to host this engaging discussion featuring Democracy Partners leaders Wyatt Closs & Yadira Sanchez, along with special guests Michael Crawford, Marketing Director at MoveOn, Betsy Theobald Richards, Cultural Strategies Director at Opportunity Agenda, and Rio Tazewell, Strategy Director at People for the American Way.


Sections Outline

  1. This is America: Movement History and the Economy   
  2. Leadership
  3. Organizing
  4. Issue Campaign Organizing
  5. Electoral Campaign Organizing
  6. Being a Candidate
  7. Fundraising
  8. Research
  9. Policy Development
  10. Communications
  11. Governing
  12. Creating Administrative and Internal Systems for Organizational Efficiency


Section 1: This is America: Movement History and Economics:

Session 1: This is America: Democracy, its Promise & the Historic Struggles to Make it Real 

Session 2: This is America: Breaking down systemic oppression and racism, and the movements to dismantle these systems

Session 3: This is America: Understanding the U.S. Economy and Income Inequality


Section 2: Leadership:

Session 1: Story of Self, Us & Now

Session 2: Public vs. Private: Respect vs. love; Boundaries and roles

Session 3: Self-interest (vs. selfless vs. selfish vs. altruism)

Session 4: Qualities of a Leader / What We Look for in Leaders

Session 5: Staying in this work for the Long Haul


Section 3: Organizing:

Session 1: Democratic Values - Why Organize?

Session 2: Power, Racial Equity and Structural Racism

Session 3: The “As-is” vs. the “Should be”

Session 4: One-on-ones / Relational Meetings


Section 4: Issue Campaign Organizing:

Session 1: How to Build a Strategic Campaign; Power Mapping

Session 2: Strategy and Tactics; Polarize, Personalize; Action - Reaction

Session 3: Cutting Issues

Session 4: Building Alliances and Sustaining Effective Inside—Outside Coalitions

Session 5: Campaign Narrative & Messaging; Public Speaking

Session 6: Organizing Math: Structuring the Work


Section 5: Electoral Campaign Organizing:

Session 1: Pre-campaign Planning & Power Analysis

Session 2: Intro to VAN

Session 3: Volunteer Recruitment

Session 4: Effective Canvassing / Deep Canvassing

Session 5: Phone Banking: Predictive Dialer / Clicker Dialer / Virtual Phone Bank 

Session 6: Intro to Digital Organizing

Session 7: Text Banking Strategies 

Session 8: GOTV Strategy

Session 9: Earned Media & Rapid Response 


Section 6: Being a Candidate:

Session 1: What Voters Want - Strength vs Warmth in Elections

Session 2: Communications for Candidates

Session 3: (Every Day Is) Debate Prep

Session 4: Managing the Circus


Section 7: Fundraising for Issue and Electoral Campaigns:

Session 1: Pitching Foundations

Session 2: Creating an Individual & Sustainable Donor Base

Session 3: Grass-roots Fundraising Strategies

Session 4: Fundraising for Campaigns

Session 5: What Candidates Need to Know and To Do for Fundraising


Section 8: Research (Tools for Electoral and Issue Research Campaigns):

Session 1: Self research - What do I need to know about myself BEFORE I run for office?

Session 2: Opposition research - What are my opponent’s strengths and weaknesses?

Session 3: Using research to inform public relations campaigns

Session 4: The role of research in developing the action campaign


Section 9: Policy Development:

Session 1: The REAL Story of How a Bill Becomes a Law!

Session 2: Layers of Government: Purviews of Local, State & Federal

Session 3: Lay of the land on think tanks & progressive policy institutes

Session 4: Legislative research/tracking

Session 5: Coalition-building for policy development and victories

Session 6: Lay of the land for interest groups, lobbyists, and donors


Section 10: Communications:

Session 1: Comms Strategy Introduction (101) 

Session 2: Comms Strategy Advanced (201)

Session 3: Talking to the Media: Techniques - Sound Bites, Pivots, Crises, Optics

Session 4: Social Media Strategy, Management, Tactics 


Section 11: Governing:

Session 1: Coach new Elected Officials' leadership teams to be successful and effective

Session 2: Training candidates who win about the transition to governing as a progressive

[Executive Track] Session 3a - Governing as a Progressive Executive Branch (including leading from the majority vs. minority)

[Legislative Track] Session 3b -  Governing as a Progressive Legislative Branch (including leading from the majority vs. minority)


Section 12: Creating Administrative and Internal Systems for Organizational Efficiency

Session 1a: Incorporating for 501c3 and 501c4s

Session 1b: Incorporating for PACs, Local & Federal Campaigns

Session 1c: Incorporating for LLCs, S and C Corporations

Session 2: Employment, Accounting & Taxes / Payroll Administration

Session 3: Website, IT and Communications Infrastructure

Session 4: Recruiting, hiring & retaining employeesxw


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