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Let It Go, GOP! A Music Video Parody

From our friends at American Family Voices:

A music video parody of the popular Disney song “Let It Go” and the relentless scandal-mongering of the Republican Party.


To name a few of these scandals: the perennial attempts to destroy Obamacare, which, though not perfect, has provided millions of Americans access to healthcare; the investigation into the IRS, whose problems were largely a result of post-Citizens United treatment of non-profit organizations; the efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, a vital resource in women’s health and family planning; and of course, the endless parade of Benghazi investigations, which GOP leadership admitted were aimed at damaging Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and which have cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

AFV rebukes this behavior. We object to this egregious waste of time and money by government officials to advance a partisan political agenda. The American people deserve better. We deserve to have politicians in office that are willing to work together, across party lines, to actually govern. Please get back to work. Let it go, GOP.

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